DMRC commissions new waste recycling unit

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has commissioned a new facility at Rohini for recycling of construction and demolition waste generated by its construction works.

Inaugurated on Saturday by DMRC Managing Director Mangu Singh, the plant can also be used by other agencies for recycling their construction related waste.

The DMRC said in a statement that construction waste generated by it are generally dumped at pre-designated sites identified and approved by the government.

“To utilise this waste, this new facility has been constructed. This is one of the many initiatives taken by the DMRC for environment conservation,” the statement said.

The use of recycled aggregate reduces the consumption of fresh stones and sand, thus conserving natural resources and helping reduce sand mining, it stated.

“The wet technology adopted at the plant will help in minimising process residues as well as dust and noise pollution. The C&D waste will be processed to recover and recycle about 95 per cent of incoming C&D waste,” the DMRC said.

It also stated the project will also help save scarce urban land in addition to processing waste. “Similarly, other agencies involved in construction will also be able to get their waste recycled here.