Hyderabad Metro to have underground parking at stations

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The Hyderabad Metro Rail will provide underground parking facilities at four places and a puzzle parking facility at one of the Metro Rail stations in order to cater to the vehicular traffic at the stations.

The State government has recently asked the Metro Rail authorities to explore possibilities of going for underground parking facility since there is space constraint at various junctions in the city. In a recent convergence meeting of the transport and municipal officials, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Secretary Navin Mittal asked the HMR officials to go for underground parking and wanted a team of officials from HMR and traffic to study whether the parking can be underground.

However, the Metro Rail authorities said the underground can be provided at a few places. The officials said the idea behind any public transport like the Metro Rail is to discourage people from taking their private vehicles and use the public mode of transport. But, in a country like India it would take time to make people use public transport, said the HMR authorities.

Hyderabad Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy said at four places there is a possibility of underground parking in the city. He said the L&T has been constructing malls at four places. These places would have underground parking facility and the places include Punjagutta, Erramanzil, Madhapur and Moosarambagh. The Punjagutta mall is in the final stage and remaining three are at under-construction level, the HMR MD said.

NVS Reddy said parking facilities have been identified at 32 locations where multilevel parking is being proposed at 15 locations.

The puzzle parking system is a unique and automated vehicle parking system where parked vehicles can be moved horizontally and vertically.

This is a fully automatic independent system, which can be easily configured and customised to any property.

Once the driver of the vehicle places his car over the platform, the operator presses the button and the car would be placed wherever there is place in the building.

According to the HMR authorities, there are some issues with the proposed puzzle parking facility at Nampally hence it would be taken somewhere else in the city.

Source: The Hans India

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