After Kochi Metro, this Metro too hires a transgender

ravi2710 | July 12, 2017 | 0 | Chennai Metro , Kochi Metro

After the positive response to the recruitment of 23 members of the transgender community by the Kochi Metro Rail, its counterpart in Chennai has followed suit. Officials of Chennai Metro Rail Limited said one transgender has been hired.

Members of the community said that while they would be happy to take up such opportunities, keeping the job depended on the acceptance they received at the work place. Of the 23 transgenders employed in Kochi Metro Rail, nine quit within days of the inauguration of the project citing various issues.

R. Jeeva of Transgender Rights Association said, “There are several in our community who have completed graduation and post-graduation in many disciplines. The main issue for them is to feel accepted at a work place. We should have an atmosphere wherein we are not constantly stared at and dealt with in a degrading way.”

S. Sudha, founder of Thozhi, said relocating from their existing rented houses was extremely difficult for members of the community.

“Even if we find a house, we are charged almost double the amount others pay. So, we need a good salary if we have to take this job,” she added.

Chennai Metro Rail also needs to release an announcement regarding the the hiring to ensure awareness, said members of the community.

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