Metro phase-2 may have 85 trains

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CHENNAI: If you thought the 42 trains running along metro phase-1 were impressive, wait for phase-2. The second phase, officials said, is likely to have more than 85 trains across three corridors adding up to 107.55km. Metro rail will build two additional depots, one each at Madhavaram and Siruseri, to maintain the fleet.

“Going by the train frequency of two-and-a-half minutes planned for phase-1, we needed 42 trains. If you go by the same calculation, phase-2 will need more than double that number of trains to cover the three corridors,” said a metro rail official.

The official said several factors like headway, length of a corridor and the number of stations along the route will be considered before deciding the exact number of trains required to operate. Phase-1 has 32 stations along 45km, while phase-2 will have 116 stations covering 107.55km. It means the average distance between two stations could be less than a kilometre. Metro rail is procuring 10 more trains to operate the 9.051km phase-1 extension connecting north Chennai through eight stations.

“The minimum the headway and higher the number of stations, the more the number of trains needed for operations,” the official said.

To maintain the fleet on a daily basis, a depot at Madhavaram and an elevated depot at Siruseri will be built when construction begins for phase-2. “Every corridor has to have a depot for trains to return after the day’s operation for maintenance,” the official said.
In phase-2, the depot at Siruseri will maintain the trains running across OMR to the northern suburb of the city, while those along the Madhavaram-Sholinganallurroute may return to the Madhavaram depot after the day’s operation.
The existing depot at Koyambedu that has been serving trains on phase-1 will also maintain trains that run across the Light House-CMBT route that may be extended up to Poonamallee. “The size of the depot depends on the availability of land and number of trains running along a corridor. We were able to build a bigger depot at Koyambedu due to the availability of land,” a former metro rail official said. Metro rail is building an elevated depot at Wimco Nagar to maintain the fleet that will run in north Chennai.
Source: TOI

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