Nagpur Metro Rail to lease Rolling Stocks from CMRL for one year

A news coming from Nagpur Metro Rail, that it has planned to lease rolling stocks from Chennai Metro Rail as soon it begins operations.

Officials from Nagpur Metro Rail Limited (NMRL) said that they will borrow two trains from Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) initially when they start their first service in next two-and-a-half years. The trains manufactured for Nagpur Metro Rail is from China that will take longer to be delivered the rolling stocks. This is to note that Nagpur Metro has placed a total order of 69 coaches from China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRSC) at a cost of Rs. 851 crore.

Officials told that they did not want to wait to start operations till the trains arrive from China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation. The plan is to first operate on a stretch of 5.5-km from Mihan to Nagpur airport by leasing the rolling stocks from Chennai Metro Rail. The two leased rolling stocks from Chennai will be used for nearly one year. “We have signed an MoU. But we are still holding discussions on the cost factor; after we reach consensus on the payment, a detailed agreement will be signed,” an official said.

Nagpur Metro Rail which is being built at a cost of Rs. 8,680 crore, comprises a total 40-km elevated network that aims to carry 3.5 lakh people by 2020. Chennai Metro Rail had ordered for 42 rolling stocks from French company Alstom; so far, 33 have arrived. “At present, 18 rolling stocks are running on two stretches of Chennai Metro Rail. Another eight rolling stocks will be put on track for the underground stretch from Thirumangalam to Nehru Park that is likely to open soon,” an official said.

CMRL will charge rent for using the rolling stocks, which will be returned to Chennai once the Chinese rolling stocks are delivered to Nagpur.

Features of Nagpur Metro Rail

Numbers of Stations-36
System Length-38.20 kM in Phase -1
System Length-34.00 kM in Phase -2
Traction System-25kV Overhead Equipment System
Train Length-3 coaches
Average Speed-33kmph
Operation by-2018
Projected Daily Ridership-363000

-MRN Team


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