Hyderabad Metro: A look at Oliphanta Bridge

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited on Saturday successfully placed a mammoth steel bridge over the railway tracks at Oliphanta Bridge in Secunderabad.

Two tall Metro pillars with a length of 272 feet accommodated the massive steel box girder Metro bridge structure on their pier caps. Manufactured in Ghaziabad, the steel bridge was dismantled and brought to Secunderabad in containers and reassembled at a one acre property leased from the Railways near Secunderabad station.

Large number of special high strength steel plates and about 60,000 high strength friction grip bolts were used to reassemble the structure over the last few months on trestles of the same height in the Railway yard. The completed steel bridge was then moved inch by inch with the help of high strength pulling jacks, vertical lifting jacks and heavy duty road cranes over imported American Hillman Rollers from the Railway yard to Oliphanta Bridge.

The exercise to launch and jack pulling began on August 9 and was completed in 10 days on Saturday. Generally, these steel bridges are launched over rivers and gorges in jungles devoid of any traffic. It is for the first time in India that such a huge steel bridge was safely moved over extremely busy rail tracks and heavily crowded road, HMRL Managing Director NVS Reddy said.

The 272 feet long steel bridge has a width of 57 feet and height of 35 feet and in the shape of a box. Inside the box a composite deck slab (i.e., a mixture of steel and concrete bridge) will be laid to accommodate two Metro tracks. In another 15 days, the internal deck slab will be laid after which the missing link in the Metro tracks will be completed to facilitate operation of Metro trains from Nagole-Mettuguda to Ameerpet and beyond, Reddy added