Lucknow Metro will receive it’s third train by April 2nd week

Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation which has already received it’s second train five days ago, is now it’s third train to by mid of April 2017. Third train is ready and will be dispatch by 31 march 2017.

The second train was received at Lucknow metro Transport Nagar depot on 24 march in fully packed condition through Kanpur road. These trains are being designed and manufactured by Alstom Transport. Alstom is manufacturing these trains at Sri City near Chennai and transporting with pilot vehicle via road.

Each train is loaded on a special trailer having 64 wheels. A 180-tonne crane is used to unload 40 tonne cars using a special spreader. A specialised safety team also supervises for safe unloading of trains. It takes about 6 hours to unload all four cars.

 While the first train is in advanced stages of trials and ready to get approval from the RDSO and Chief Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety soon, the second train would be inspected within the depot and also on track by LMRC’s own expert team and engineers. LMRC MD Kumar Keshav said, “We hope to run both metro trains on track one after the other from mid of April.”

 This second train will also be used for testing of signalling system with multiple trains running in sections. LMRC said that earlier RDSO has successfully completed oscillation trials for Lucknow Metro in record time ahead of scheduled date of completion of trials. They confirmed that the fourth train to be run on priority section from Transport Nagar to Charbagh on about 8.5 km is also in advanced stages of designing and manufacturing and would be ready before the commercial launch of Lucknow Metro.
In case of first train which is currently to be approved by the RDSO, its testing has been done but test results are to be cross examined by RDSO before forwarding it to the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS). LMRC said “Complete test reports along with detailed safety examination report based on separately conducted inspection on site by CMRS will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Railways for approval.