Hyderabad Metro to plant 5 lakh plants

The Hyderabad Metro Rail would be planting five lakh ornamental plants, shrubs and avenue plants this year, mostly on the central median under the Metro Rail viaduct, all along the Metro Rail corridors and also at the colonies around, said Managing Director N.V.S. Reddy on Wednesday.

Specially chosen ornamental foliage plants like Ficus black, Ficus panda, Plumeria, etc and flowering shrubs like Jatropha, Allamanda, Plumeria, Leucophyllum, Bougainvillea, Lantana, Amaranthus, Tecoma capensis, Tecoma guadichaudi, Hamelia patens, etc., are being planted in the central median of the viaduct.

Avenue plants like Raavi, Neem, Kanuga, Pogada, Spathodea, Tabebuia, Mahogany etc., are being planted along the metro corridors, station areas and nearby colonies.

Apart from being an aesthetic and eye pleasing visual delight, these plants will also play a major role in reducing the dust and noise pollution in the city, a press release said.